Competition 101: CICALS-LGU

The Philippine Competition Commission (PCC), through its Legislative Liaison Office (LLO), in partnership with the Office of the City Mayor Hon. Victor Ma. Regis N. Sotto as well as the Pasig City Investments Center and Negosyo Center, will be conducting its third Capacity Improvement on Competition Advocacy for Legislative Staff (CICALS) on 11 December 2020… continue reading ››

PCC pushes program for ‘competition agenda’ in House

  PRESS RELEASE 008-2020 27 May 2020 PCC pushes program for ‘competition agenda’ in House   The Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) continues to push the competition agenda in Congress, this time through a program meant to train legislative staff of the House of Representatives on competition law and policy. In partnership with the Office of… continue reading ››