17 November 2021 


Int’l competition group selects PCC as advocacy co-chair 


The Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) has been selected to co-chair one of the working groups at the International Competition Network (ICN), the premier organization of national and multinational competition authorities dedicated to promoting the highest standards of competition law enforcement.

With PCC debuting into this role, the Philippines joins the Hong Kong Competition Commission and Colombia’s Superintendency of Industry and Commerce to lead the ICN Advocacy Working Group. The team is dedicated to developing practical tools and resources to guide ICN members in effectively raising public awareness of competition principles and fostering competition culture across different jurisdictions.

“We are honored to lead in this capacity as ICN celebrates its 20th year. This is a recognition of PCC’s growing leadership despite our relatively recent presence in the international competition sphere,” PCC Chairperson Arsenio M. Balisacan said.

“Antitrust authorities are the first to support the notion that there is no monopoly of good ideas in promoting competition law and policy. In this role, we are excited to collaborate with our peers and counterparts in promoting and adopting best practices through the ICN Advocacy Working Group,” Balisacan added. 

PCC is keen on recommending best practices in competition advocacy from a developing country perspective, as it recognizes the unique challenges faced by Young and Small Agencies (YSAs).

Aside from advocacy, ICN also works with competition agencies on core working groups on Agency Effectiveness, Cartels, Unilateral Conduct, and Mergers. 

The Philippines has been joining the ICN annual conferences since 2017 and had drawn some of its own rules from ICN’s guiding principles and recommendations based on global best practices. PCC also actively pursues activities to benefit YSAs, including the ICN Bridging Project that seeks to build linkages between YSAs and specialists in certain areas of competition law and practice.




Penelope P. Endozo
Public Affairs Division
Philippine Competition Commission