If you suspect that any business, company, or organization is behaving anti-competitively, and such behavior may constitute a possible violation of the Philippine Competition Act, kindly file a verified complaint with the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC). A verified complaint contains a statement that the complainant files a complaint, and that he/she read the allegations and verified that these allegations are true to the best of his/her knowledge and can be supported by records.

The PCC welcomes helpful information from the public. If you know of any business engaged in a cartel or involved in price-fixing, bid-rigging, output limitation, market allocation, exclusive dealing, tying and bundling, and other anti-competitive conduct, report to PCC by calling (02) 87719 722, or email us at enforcement@phcc.gov.ph. You may also come to our office at 25/F Vertis North Corporate Center 1, North Avenue, Quezon City 1105.