The main function of the Competition Enforcement Office (CEO) of the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) is the monitoring, prevention, detection, investigation, and prosecution of anti-competitive agreements or abuse of dominant position conduct that substantially restricts, prevents, or lessens competition, as generally provided under Sections 14 and 15 of the Philippine Competition Act (PCA). Included in the category of prohibited acts or conduct are per se anti-competitive agreements that restrict competition as to price (price-fixing and predatory pricing) and output, among others. To effectively carry out its enforcement function within the context of procedural fairness, the CEO utilizes technical experts, highly-trained investigators, and experienced litigators, while tapping synergies within the PCC, such as the Economics and the Mergers and Acquisitions Offices. The CEO likewise espouses Leniency and Whistleblower Programs as avenues for businesses and market stakeholders to self-police its ranks and report anti-competitive conduct. The CEO has two (2) divisions, the Monitoring and Investigation Division and the Litigation Division.