Commission Decision No. 38-M-042/2017
Acquisition by Linde Public Limited Company of Shares in Linde Aktiengesellschaft



The proposed transaction involves the acquisition by Linde Public Limited Corporation (“Linde PLC”) of the controlling shares of Linde Aktiengesellschaft (“Linde AG”) by means of a voluntary exchange offer to the shareholders of Linde AG (the “Offer”). Shares acquired as a result of the Offer will subsequently be transferred to Linde Holding GmBH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Linde PLC and thereafter to Linde Intermediate Holding AG.

The Offer is part of the business combination agreement signed by Linde PLC, Linde AG and Praxair, Inc., governing the terms and conditions of a merger between Linde AG and Praxair, Inc. (the “Praxair Merger”). The Praxair Merger is not part of the notification filed by Linde PLC and Linde AG.

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