Commission Decision No. 30-M-038/2017
Acquisition by Lafarge Holdings (Philippines), Inc. of shares in Bulacan Holdings, Inc.



This notification relates to the transaction between Lafarge Holdings (Philippines), Inc. and Teresa Equity Holdings, Inc. pursuant to a letter of intent dated August 21, 2017, involving the acquisition by Lafarge Holdings (Philippines), Inc. of the 60% shareholding of Teresa Equity Holdings, Inc. in Bulacan Holdings, Inc. (the “Proposed Transaction”). After the transaction, Lafarge Holdings (Philippines), Inc. will become the 100% owner of Bulacan Holdings, Inc.


Lafarge Holdings (Philippines) Inc. provides management, technical, consultancy, and advisory services in cement manufacturing, marketing, and distribution; while Teresa Equity Holdings, Inc. and Bulacan Holdings, Inc. are holding entities.


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