[UPDATE: Extension to receive comments set until 17 April 2019]

The Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) invites stakeholders, representatives from the business, legal, academic, and trade groups, as well as other interested individuals to submit their comments on the PCC Draft Rules on Expedited Merger Review.

The draft rules provide guidance in the expedited review of qualified proposed transactions that are unlikely to raise competition concerns. The terms include 1) Coverage, 2) Qualifications, 3) Fees, 4) Deficiencies, 4) Applicability, 5) Exclusions, and 6) Expedited Review Notification Form.

Under the Expedited Merger Review, qualified transactions will undergo merger review in a period of fifteen (15) working days from receipt by the PCC of the Expedited Review Forms.

A sample of the draft Expedited Review Notification Form is provided below as reference for comments as well.

The public may send their comments via e-mail to mergers@phcc.gov.ph with subject title “Comments: PCC Rules on Expedited Merger Review,” or via mail to Philippine Competition Commission located at 25th Floor Tower 1, Vertis North Corporate Center, North Avenue, Quezon City 1105. Please ensure that comments will be received by the Mergers and Acquisitions Office on or before 17 April 2019.


Rules on Expedited Merger Review



Expedited Review Notification Form