Commission Decision No. 04-M-005/2021:
Proposed Unincorporated Joint Venture between JBros Construction Corporation
and the City Government of Manila



The Horizon Manila Reclamation Project is a raw-land reclamation and horizontal development of approximately 419 hectares of foreshore and offshore areas of the City of Manila along Manila Bay. The Project is envisioned as a self-contained mixed-use community with commercial, institutional, residential areas, an area suitable for port and port related facilities, marina and tourism-related facilities, and other applicable uses to be located at the south by the Pasay-Manila boundary.

The project was awarded by the City of Manila to JBros Construction Corporation (JBros) through a competitive public bidding. JBros submitted an unsolicited proposal to the City of Manila and was subsequently declared as the winning proponent and awarded the Project. 

Without forming a joint venture company or any other separate juridical entity, the City of Manila entered into a Contractual Joint Venture Agreement (CJVA) with JBros on 7 June 2017. A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the City and the Philippine Reclamation Authority (PRA) was also duly executed on 25 October 2019. 

Through the project, the City of Manila aims to increase its land area that would serve as a center for commercial and residential use, with opportunities to create new sources of revenue and employment.  Joint Venture Proceeds resulting from this collaboration will be shared between JBros and the City Government of Manila.


Download (PCC_CDN-04-M-005-2021_JBros-ManilaLGU-PRA.pdf)