Commission Decision No. 03-M-004/2021:
Proposed Unincorporated Joint Venture between Waterfront Manila Premier Development, Inc.
and the City Government of Manila



The City of Manila entered into a Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) with Waterfront Manila Premier Development, Inc. (Waterfront Manila) for a rawland reclamation and development project covering an area of around 318-hectares, more or less, of a portion of the foreshore and offshore areas in Manila Bay, to be known as the “Manila Waterfront City.”

Pursuant to the proposed joint venture transaction, the City of Manila, as project owner will contribute the rights to reclaim on its municipal waters, while Waterfront Manila, as Project Developer will finance and develop the project, envisioning a master-planned development complete with a core central business district.


Download (PCC_CDN-03-M-004-2021_Waterfront-ManilaLGU-PRA.pdf)