Commission Decision No. 08-M-006/2019: In the Matter of the Proposed Acquisition by League One, Inc. of Assets of Alphaland Southgate Tower One, Inc.   [MAO Case No. M-2019-006]   ABSTRACT: The proposed transaction is the acquisition of the Alphaland Southgate Tower property for an agreed price of Php5 Billion. The seller is Alphaland Southgate Tower,… continue reading ››

Commission Decision No. 05-M-003/2019: In the Matter of the Proposed Joint Venture among Bases Conversion and Development Authority, National Housing Authority, and Primelux Holdings Development Inc.   [MAO Case No. M-2019-003] ABSTRACT:  The transaction involves the proposed joint venture (JV) among Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA), National Housing Authority (NHA), and Primelux Holdings Development, Inc…. continue reading ››

Commission Decision No. 06-M-039/2019: In the Matter of the Proposed Acquisition by Aboitiz Power Corporation of Shares in Stock in AA Thermal Inc.   [MAO Case No. M-2018-039] ABSTRACT: The transaction involves the acquisition by Aboitiz Power Corporation (Aboitiz Power) from Arlington Mariveles Netherlands Holding B.V., an affiliate of AC Energy, Inc. (AC Energy), of… continue reading ››

Commission Decision No. 04-M-002/2019: Proposed Acquisition by Wipro Enterprises Singapore Pte. Limited of Shares in Splash Corporation   ABSTRACT:  Wipro Enterprises Private Limited, a corporate entity based in Bangalore, India, intends to acquire, Splash Corporation, a Philippine corporation, from Ang Hortaleza Corporation. After the acquisition, Wipro Enterprises Private Limited, through a wholly owned subsidiary, will… continue reading ››

Commission Decision No. 02-M-041-2019: Proposed Acquisition by Fernwood Holdings, Inc. of Shares in Liquigaz Philippines Corporation   ABSTRACT: The proposed transaction pertains to the acquisition by Fernwood Holdings, Inc. (“Fernwood”), a Philippine holding company, of the following shares of stock held by Canaria Holdings Corporation (“Canaria”) in the following corporations: Eight Hundred Twenty-Six Thousand Five… continue reading ››

Commission Decision No. 41-M-037/2018: Acquisition by PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminum (Persero) of Shares in PT Freeport Indonesia   ABSTRACT: PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (Persero) (“Inalum”) is proposing to increase its (direct and indirect) shareholding in PT Freeport Indonesia (“PTFI”) from 9.36% to 51.232%. The transaction is subject to required regulatory approvals in a number of… continue reading ››