The Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) aims to be a world-class authority in promoting fair market competition to help achieve a vibrant and inclusive economy, and advance consumer welfare.


The Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) shall prohibit anti-competitive agreements, abuses of dominant position, and anti-competitive mergers and acquisitions. Sound market regulation will help foster business innovation, increase global competitiveness, and expand consumer choices to improve public welfare.

Our Role

The Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) is a newly-constituted independent quasi-judicial body mandated to implement the national competition policy, and enforce the Philippine Competition Act or R.A.10667, which serves as the primary competition law in the Philippines for promoting and protecting market competition.

Over the last few years, our country has made significant strides in economic growth. Amid this positive momentum, there remains a challenge in attaining sustained and inclusive development where no one is left behind. The enactment of the PCA, and the creation of the PCC, aims to promote economic efficiency and ensure fair and healthy market competition where everyone across our country, from metro cities to far-flung communities, can contribute to and benefit from economic developments.

The PCC institutes a regulatory environment for market competition to:

1. Protect consumer welfare by giving consumers access to a wider choice over goods and services at lower prices, and;

2. Promote competitive businesses and encourage market players to be more efficient and innovative. Competition also benefits small and medium businesses.

In its capacity as a regulatory body, the PCC helps protect markets from anti-competitive behavior of firms, and works with other government agencies to promote a culture of competition.

A level playing field improves the growth prospects of local firms, and could also result in a more active market participation of foreign players. In the process, competition expands economic opportunities in the country and improves overall welfare.