The Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) is an independent quasi-judicial body mandated to implement the National Competition Policy and enforce Republic Act No. 10667 or the Philippine Competition Act (PCA), which serves as the primary law in the Philippines for promoting and protecting market competition.

The country has made significant strides in economic growth over the past few years. Amid this positive momentum, the challenge of attaining sustained and inclusive development, where no one is left behind, remains. The PCA enactment and the creation of PCC aim to ensure fair market competition, a vital element in the government’s overall objective of achieving inclusive development.

PCC institutes a regulatory environment for market competition for two purposes:

  • Protect consumer welfare by giving consumers access to a wider choice of goods and services at lower prices.
  • Promote a competitive business environment by enforcing the rules of fair market competition, thereby encouraging market players to be more efficient and innovative.

PCC has original and primary jurisdiction over the enforcement and implementation of the provisions of the PCA and its Implementing Rules and Regulations. Its mandate includes, among others:

  • Review of mergers and acquisitions;
  • Investigation and adjudication of antitrust cases;
  • Imposition of sanctions and penalties;
  • Monitoring the environment for competition-relevant interventions;
  • Conduct, publication, and dissemination studies and reports on competition-related matters;
  • Issuance of advisory opinions;
  • Promotion of capacity building and the sharing of best practices with other competition-related bodies; and
  • Advocacy of pro-competition culture in government and businesses.