It has come to our attention that certain inaccurate statements have made to the public and the media regarding the proper scope of PCC’s authority to review and act on proposed mergers and acquisitions. We are issuing this statement to correct misimpressions and prevent further confusion. Transactions are not automatically “deemed approved” The mere filing… continue reading ››

June 6, 2016 10:05 pm by KRISTYN NIKA M. LAZO, REPORTER News link: Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) Chairman Arsenio Balisacan has defended the Philippine Competition Act, debunking claims that the new competition law will be a burden to companies and enterprises due to additional requirements by the commission. Responding to concerns from some business… continue reading ››

A little more than a year after the implementation of the landmark anti-trust law in the country, over 60 mergers and acquisitions have been reviewed by the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) to promote fair market competition. “While still young, the PCC has been vigilant in safeguarding market competition to ensure consumer benefit,” PCC Chairman Arsenio… continue reading ››

The series of public consultations for the draft Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the Philippine Competition Law conducted across Cebu City, Davao City and Metro Manila on May 16 to 24 concluded with an overwhelming participation of stakeholders from different sectors. Constructive and substantive comments instrumental to the participatory revision process of the draft… continue reading ››